Inbound CMOs


Start building your Inbound Engine!

We Focus on Five Areas


We’ve all been there at some point during our Startup journey. You know what we’re talking about, “Bootstrap mode.” The same mode that forces you to push your mind to be creative, innovative, and above all results oriented. Fast forward a bit, your Startup is in “scaling mode” and things are starting to move much faster, and with it the pressure from investors to show results. The only problem, though, is that now your Startup is stuck with plenty of tools that don’t “communicate” with each other. You find yourself looking at numbers that don’t add up. You’re now in “guesstimate mode.” It is probably the big pink elephant in the room for every Startup, so don’t feel bad.

A good CMO will know how to minimize the tools your Startup uses, but more importantly, connect the dots for you to seal the leakage in your Inbound Engine to start generating more leads, revenue, as well as reducing churn rate.

This is where we shine!


We’ve all had that one prospect whom we’ve spent months prospecting, cold emailing and calling, only for them to come back to you on the last day of the month with: ‘I need to think about it.’ On some other days, it seems like none of your calls are getting through. Painful, isn’t it?

As Inbound CMOs, we will help you design a sales strategy where deal closing becomes a more predictable process. We will help your sales team identify key attributes of a potential customer, prioritize high value inbound leads, understand how to conduct an inbound sales call and achieve better alignment with the marketing team. We will also enable your sales team to sell better by empowering them with effective sales collateral, like case studies and whitepapers.

With an Inbound Engine in place, your sales team will become more productive and fall in love with selling again.


Every skyscraper needs a good foundation to hold against strong winds, earthquakes, floods, and from planet Klingon invasion (it’s coming...we know it!). Your Startup is no different from that skyscraper.

A good foundation consists of a brilliant trained team in place, a sharp content strategy, polished positioning, a website that does the job, and lastly metrics that track everything from top to bottom.

We spend a good portion of our time to build your Startup a good foundation to allow us to lay all the other pieces to come. It is the most important part in building a good Inbound Engine.

customer service

‘Oh you’re unhappy with my customer service skills and wishes to complain? Let me transfer you to my complaint department.’

Word of mouth marketing is often touted as the best form of marketing but no one is going to rave about your business if they are getting stuck in a never-ending transfer loop-hell.

We recognize the importance of delighting your customers so we will help you establish a world-class customer success function where your happiest customers can become your best advocates. That includes setting up omni-channel support where your customers can get help in the easiest way possible.

This is the last piece in building the Inbound Engine. It will assure your churn rate is kept low, and more importantly, converting your customers into avid promoters!


Do you remember the good old days when everyone on your team could become the CMO by just posting something on social media, or adding some H1 titles to help improve your website and then they called it SEO strategy? It is safe to say that this person helped in your Startup first steps, but it is now time to elevate the game...significantly!

With “Tools” and “Foundation” in place, it is time to start building the moving parts of your Startup Inbound Engine. We start with Marketing. We dive headfirst during this process, analyzing every part of your Marketing Funnel. We examine your SEO, social media, Top of the Funnel and Middle of the Funnel content strategy, Lead generation processes and workflows, and email marketing. After we’re done we disassemble everything and start building everything from the ground up. This will include repositioning your marketing team to efficiently operate these parts of the Inbound Engine.